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"Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

Malcolm Forbes


Papakaio School was founded in 1867 and its catchment area extends north to the Waitaki River, south to the hill properties bordering the Waitaki plains, east to State Highway 1 and west to encompass the Awamoko district. The school is located 15kms from Oamaru directly beside State Highway 83 which runs through to Kurow and on to areas of Central Otago.

The major strengths of Papakaio School are its dedicated and effective staff along with a strong, supportive, rural community. Parental involvement in the school is substantial. All of which contribute to high expectations and pleasing levels of achievement. Papakaio children are committed learners who are a delight to work with.The school is sensitive to children's needs and makes every effort to provide for them.

The school is well resourced and is committed to helping children fulfil their educational potential and prepare them for a successful future in a rapidly changing world.

Teacher/Pupil ratios are maintained at a favourable level by the BOT. The school enjoys the added advantage of having excellent ancillary staff as well as parental assistance to call upon.

The school and its Board of Trustees promotes a strong sense of co-operation, community, self-discipline and family, and extends to you an invitation to be part of it.

Our Current Focus

2014 sees us focus on three main areas.
1 - Literacy and in particular Boys' Literacy. Our school is no exception and our boys are not performing as well as our girls so we are looking at ways of enhancing our boys' attitudes to and performance in both reading and writing.
2 - Numeracy -. We are looking at ways we can support children who struggle with Mathematics and accellerate their progress.
3 - Moving towards 21st Century learning and making the most of the learning opportunities current technology affords. We have implimented BYOD (allowing children to bring their own internet capable devices) and are developing our use of Knowledgenet. KnowledgeNet is an online inter-active site that allows children to work seemlessly between school and home. It allows parents access to their child's digital portfolio from home.
Learning, any-time, anywhere.

Our Vision

Our school vision is captured in the four "P"s; People, Passion, Purpose and Potential. We believe that People are central to our school, that developing Passion for learning and life is essential, that everything we do should be Purposeful and through this we will help unlock the Potential in all our students.
Central to our vision is the WOW factor; Well-being, Ownership and Wonder.
This is built on a strong foundation of Values - Respect for ourselves, others and the environment.
The whole "tree" which signifies life and growth has its roots and nourishment in the solid foundation of community support and involvement.