How to enroll your child at school in NZ

You can enroll your child in school before they’re 5, though they won’t start until they turn 5.
Your child must start school by the time they turn 6. And must stay in school until they’re 16.

Step 1

Choose a school – PAPAKAIO 😊

Step 2

Find out about the school’s zone – Pictured is Papakaio School’s (pink colour line).
Many schools in NZ have zones. If you live in a school’s zone, your child is guaranteed a place at that school (you can apply to go to a school that’s outside your zone, but your child might not get in).
The Papakaio Board invites applications from out-of-zone parents who wish to enroll their children at Papakaio School. 'Enrolment Application Form for out of zone students' are available below. Please post, deliver or email this to the school and the Principal will get back to you after the next Board Meeting (at least two meetings per term).

Step 3

Contact the school. You can contact the school as soon as you’ve chosen a school.

To contact Papakaio School
Phone: (03) 4317851
17 Papakaio Road
RD 15K
Oamaru 9494

Papakaio school is located approximately ten minutes from New World Waitaki (north end of Oamaru).  
If you are interested to learn more about Papakaio School please check out this website or our Facebook page.
At Papakaio School we would love if you could pop out and meet the team and take the grand tour. This way you can pick up enrolment forms and organise school visits. If you can’t make it out, no worries, just ask us to send you the forms.
You need to complete the forms and send them back to the school.

Step 4

Let the school know what date you would like your child to start.
Get your child ready for school:

Talk to the teacher about your child
When teachers know children well they are better able to support their learning. Talk to the teacher and let them know things like:
- if your child has any special health needs, and what to do
- what your child likes to do, what they are good at and what makes them happy
- anything that might affect how your child is feeling.
The teacher might also appreciate you sharing your child's portfolio or profile book from their current school or Early Childhood Education Centre. This will give the teacher valuable information about your child's learning.

Before your child starts school, it's helpful if they can:
- do up their shoes
- put on and take off their coats
- go to the toilet and wash their hands
- blow their nose
- unpack and hang up their bags where they are told
- recognise when they are thirsty and get a drink of water
- ask for things they need

Help them get ready to learn:
They may find it easier to participate in the class if they:
- can sit on a chair at a table for a short time to complete an activity
- are comfortable being away from you
- know how to take turns, and wait for things
- know the names of colours
- know the letters of the alphabet
- know the numbers 1 to 9
- can hold a pencil correctly and use scissors
- can write their name
- are able to hold a picture book and turn the pages carefully.

 In your child’s school bag
- lunch and a water bottle. Get your child to help you pack their lunchbox. Talk about what is for morning tea and what is for lunch. Make sure there is fruit or vegetables for brain break at 10am.
- pencils, exercise books, and other supplies the school has asked your child to bring. Stationery lists for each classroom are here on our website. We are also stocked up at school and can set up an account for you if it’s easier.
- school provides a sunhat and sunblock in terms 1 and 4. These stay at school.
- in the autumn and winter terms a warm hat and some extra layers in case it gets really cold
- name all their uniform. Show your child where to look for their name on their clothes.
- a change of clothes. This can be reassuring for a new entrant child starting school or kura for the first time, especially if they prone to toileting accidents